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Wardrobe for Trades


I prefer to trade for wishlist items, but any items in this category might be up for trade/purchasing offers. :)
Click for Lolibrary links, hover for sizing information (where relevant).
Proof photos available on request. :)


(Corset pieces are authentic Atelier Pierrot.)

Prefer to keep:

These are mostly my favorite items or items with sentimental value for me, so I'd prefer to keep them, but I may be willing to sell or trade them for the right price/items. Wishlist for reference.

black x pinknozo_dayo-img427x600-1390319812ishbcr47190

Just got back from Acen 2013! <3

Sugar Fairy Cake kitten2

Here's a quick shot of my coord, derpy face fixed with kitten magic. :)

Coord rundown:

Sugar Fairy Cake Round Jsk
Lyrical Bunny Plush Pouch
GLW Short Babydoll Lolita - Platinum Blonde
Wonder Cookie OTKs
Secret Shop Shoes (can't find the name or link)
Handmade Sugar Fairy Cake bonnet (bought on egl)
Misc accessories: tiara, gold-and-jem hair pins, Chocomint bracelet, and cake rings (not seen).

Credit to http://rosenview.tumblr.com for the photo. :)

Let me know if you have any questions on the items I can answer as a previous owner! Quality/color/fit, etc, you know. :)

Warning! Super image heavy!Collapse )

I just got my first paycheck! <3 c:

This is what I spent it on~ <3 ;u;

(Cross-post on my tumblr)

New Coordinate <3

This one's quite a bit sweeter than I usually tend to lean, but it was a Valentines/early Easter gift from my mother, so..  ;u;
 Dress, cardigan, and headpiece by Bodyline (older pieces, no longer sold) 
 Milky Chan bag replica from Clobba, pluchased on eBay